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At Large Chapter

If we currently do not have a local chapter near you, we are encouraging people to apply for membership as a “Chapter at Large member.”  With thirty or more members you can later apply for a chapter.

HTCIA Mission

The High Technology Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA) was formed to provide education and collaboration to our global members for the prevention and investigation of high tech crimes.

All HTCIA members, including at-large members, have access to any HTCIA event unless specified otherwise.

Additionally all members have access to:

  1. HTCIA listserv
  2. NEW Learning Management System (LMS) featuring 100's of hours of recorded conferences, meetings and HTCIA training sessions
  3. Access to HTCIA hosted webinars
  4. Networking opportunities and training
  5. HTCIA Discord Channel
  6. Discount on Canada Cyber Summit and HTCIA International Conferences
  7. Access to virtual chapter meetings from other chapters when available

Ready to join?

Apply on-line