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About Us

The HTCIA was formed to provide education and collaboration to our global members for the prevention and investigation of high tech crimes.

As such, we are an organization that aspires to help all those in the high technology field by providing extensive information, education, collective partnerships, mutual member benefits, astute board leadership and professional management.

The HTCIA is a registered 501(c)(03) not-for-profit. The association’s status can be verified HERE.

The HTCIA is an organization for investigators, not an investigative agency. Victims seeking investigative help should contact local authorities or visit for more resources.

Mission and Vision

Our Mission:

HTCIA is the premier global professional organization providing individuals utilizing investigative techniques and technology with innovative networking and training.

Our Vision:

  • To support the personal and professional growth of our members through all phases of their high-tech investigation career
  • To support innovation and collaboration in the field across the academic, law enforcement, government, private industry, and legal communities
  • To expand the reach of HTCIA

Core Values

  • Values the Truth uncovered within digital information and the effective techniques used to uncover that Truth, so that no one is wrongfully convicted.
  • Values the Security of our society and its citizens through the enforcement of our laws and the protection of our infrastructure and economies.
  • Values the Integrity of its members and the evidence they expose through common investigative and computer forensic best practice.
  • Values the Trusted network of forensic and investigative professionals who share our values and our vision.
  • Values the Confidentiality of its membership and the information, skills and techniques they share within the association.

International Executive Committee (IEC)

2024/2025 IEC Officers:

President – Denis Roussel (Ottawa Chapter)
First Vice President – Jessica Hyde (New York Metro-Northeast Chapter)
Second Vice President – Chris Tankelewicz (Philadelphia/Delaware Chapter)
Treasurer – Kristen Scott (Mid-Atlantic Chapter)
Secretary – Gilles Racine (Ottawa Chapter)


The HTCIA includes a number of committees involved in maintaining and improving the organization.

Our History

The High Technology Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA) was founded in 1986 in response to the limited training and resources available for law enforcement to investigate the growing high technology industry.

Since its inception, the HTCIA has grown into a worldwide organization with chapters all over the world.

Dedicated to providing training and resources on high technology crime investigating for its members, the HTCIA holds a number of seminars, summits and conferences every year, including its flagship International Conference.

Contact Us

The HTCIA International Office team is operated by Barcami Lane, Inc.

  • David Ehrlich – Executive Director
  • Jeanette Foster – Meeting Planner
  • Juliette Avery – Program Coordinator
Address: 4 Lan Drive, Suite 100, Westford, MA 01886