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Start a Chapter

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The objective of an HTCIA Chapter is to carry out the initiatives of the HTCIA mission within a defined geographic area.

New chapters must have a membership base that will sustain the chapter for the first year of its inception and a population base to draw from that will sustain the chapter and grow the chapter. If these criteria are not met, it is likely that the new chapter will not be a successful one. The long-term viability of an HTCIA chapter is essential to the overall success, professionalism and growth of the organization.
If you cannot meet the guidelines outlined below, we are encouraging people to apply for membership as a “Chapter at Large member” and/or as a member of the closest chapter from a geographical perspective. It is important to note that we are not trying to discourage committed individuals from starting a chapter. However, based upon experience, we do want to emphasize that starting a chapter takes a certain amount of members’ time and commitment, and anything short of that will fail to meet the quality standards that we strive for as an organization.


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