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HTCIA High Tech Investigation Certification

Coming SOON!
Starting with the 2023 conference all Annual HTCIA Conference attendees will receive certification points.


Dear Members,

HTCIA is pleased to announced a High Tech Investigation certification  which will allow HTCIA members to apply for Professional Certification through HTCIA.

HTICA is a registered not for profit and is internationally recognized for providing training and education to our members in the USA, Canada, Europe, and A-Pac.

HTCIA we are thrilled to be offering access to certification through our learning management system,!

Certification Fee is waived for active HTCIA members in good standing for a LIMITED TIME ONLY.

How to Qualify

To qualify for any of the HTCIA certification an applicant must satisfy a minimum of 200 points which are based on several conditions. The conditions include the number of years of directly related full-time work experience, any directly related education from an accredited institution of higher learning, directly related HTCIA Training or similar coursework completed over the past 5 years, and if you have one or more current directly related industry-recognized certifications from another certification body. Directly related means training, education, or job function that specifically involves knowledge, skills, or abilities meeting the required body of knowledge for the certification.


Certifications can help you qualify as a skilled fact or expert witness, distinguish yourself professionally, and obtain the next step in your career.

HTCIA now offers members in good standing the opportunity to earn professional certification.

HTCIA certification, backed by our industry-leading expertise and reputation, attest to demonstrated competence in high tech investigations. Across many areas we encounter like:

Expert Testimony
Email analysis

How to Apply

  1. View HTCIA Matrix (coming Sept 19th) to ensure you have at least 200 points to apply.
  2. Gather necessary documentation including resume, certificates, and transcripts.
  3. Login to your account. *Your physical certificate will be mailed to the address you provide on your account.
  4. Start the application for the certification
  5. Upload your documentation. If you do not have enough points you can gain points by viewing training on
  6. Within 10 business days, you will receive an email notifying you of the status of your application.
  7. If your certification has been approved, you will receive an email notifying you

*The Certification Fee waiver is available only to active members in good standing of HTCIA for a LIMITED TIME ONLY. Members are prohibited from sharing the certification training or questions with non-members.

Frequently Asked Questions